Los Angeles Times

For The Raising

"[Kasischke] takes on deep matters of life and death; conscience and consciousness, family, love and friendship."

For Suspicious River

"Leila Murry is young, married, and working in a motel as a receptionist - and then as a prostitute. The seemingly random abuses and perils of her adult life parallel those Leila suffered as a child, and in reliving them she is uncertain whether she will survive them this time, or indeed, if she wishes to. This "extremely powerful debut" tells a story that is at once "profoundly disturbing but also resonant with hope and rebirth"

For In a Perfect World

“This is a doomsday book in the form of a finely observed domestic drama, showing how dysfunctional relationships shift and soften in response to the looming menace . . . The reader may well come away with the odd, exhilarating feeling that a spell has both been cast and broken.”

For White Bird in a Blizzard

"extremely powerful"

For Be Mine

"[Kasischke] takes on deep matters of life and death; conscience and consciousness; family, love and friendship."


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